Do I need an HVLS fan if I already have an excellent HVAC system?

It is better to have HVLS fans even if you have an excellent HVAC system. These fans assist your HVAC system and spread the cool air to every corner of the area. If you have HVLS fans, then there is no need to run the AC fully for a long time. You can increase the temperature and decrease the time of running because these fans help to spread the cool breeze quickly. You don’t need to waste energy and wait for a long time. Thus, you can easily save the running cost of your HVAC system, it will be reduced a lot. You can save up to 20% of power if you increase the temperature of the AC by 1˚C. Therefore, you can increase the temperature of your AC and allow fans to spread the air. It becomes more economical if you use an HVAC system with HVAC fans.

Moreover, you can also turn off the AC at normal temperature, the high volume low speed (HVLS) fans will keep the area cool and provide healthy and fresh air to people. These fans can also reduce humidity and odor.

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