Frequently asked questions about HVLS fans(large industrial/commercial/PMSM fans) and air coolers with explanatory links.

What comes standard with each RTFANS HVLS fan purchase?

We provide everything, including accessories. If you ordered multiple fans, be sure to keep the components of each fan together. The fans each have differently rated parts that are not interchangeable. You will get the following things with each purchase.

Press here to download the Standard with purchase:

Pre-installation Part List

Fan motor with decelerator, Extension Tube, Beam clip device, Safety Cable, Cardan Joint, Bottom Cover.
pre installation part list


1. Standard clip device:
  • M16 x 65 mm = 4 pcs Hex Head Cap Screw
  • M16 = 4 pcs Nylock Nut
  • M16 = 4 pcs Spring Cushion
  • M16 = 8 pcs Flat Washer
2. Cardan joint:
  • M20 x 130 mm = 2 pcs Hex Head Cap Screw
  • M20 = 2 pcs Nylock Nut
  • M20 = 2 pcs Spring Cushion
  • M20 = 4 pcs Flat Washer
3. Drive Device Installation:
  • M20 x 130 mm = 2 pcs Hex Head Cap Screw
  • M20 = 2 pcs Nylock Nut
  • M20 = 2 pcs Spring Cushion
  • M20 = 4 pcs Flat Washer
4. Fan Hub
  • M6 x 12 mm = 12 pcs Hex Head Cap Screw
  • M6 = 12 pcs Spring Cushion
5. Airfoil Blades:
  • M8 x 55 mm = 12 pcs Hex Head Cap Screw
  • M8 = 12 pcs Nylock Nut
  • M8 = 12 pcs Spring Cushion
  • M8 = 24 pcs Flat
6. Winglet:
    ST5.5 x 16 mm = 12 pcs Crosshead tapping screw
7. Bottom Cover:
    M6 x 12 mm =3 pcs Flat head screw

Installation Procedure:

  • A. Connecting the fan: Connect the fan using the standard clip device.
  • B. Installation of Cardan joint: Help you to align the fan perfectly.
  • C. Extension rod: Connected the Cardan bone with the drive device.
  • D. Drive device installation: Need 2-3 people to lift it because it is heavy.
  • E. Power supply: You need to take wires to the fan using sleeves and conduit.
  • F. Steel wire ropes: Get four steel wire ropes to connect the fan with the building structure.
  • G. Safety cable: Prevent the airfoil blade shake.
  • H. Installation of empennage: Make sure everything tightened correctly.
  • I. Installation of winglet: Keep the overall beauty of the fan blades.
  • J. Bottom cover: The last step is to install the bottom cover and tighten it using bolts.
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