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Farmers use agricultural barns to keep grains, agricultural equipment, and other things. They work for a long time to harvest the crop, and then they store it in the barn. Everything that is stored in the barn is the result of hard work; therefore, it is important to keep it safe and sound to sell in the market. You need to keep the barn well ventilated if you want your crops to stay safe and sound. Otherwise, due to humidity and temperature, there will be the growth of mold and microorganisms, which is harmful to the crops or grains.

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Farmers prefer to install agricultural fans for barns to protect their crops from damage. Let’s see what these large barn fans can do.

Reduce Humidity

In agricultural barns, the biggest problem is the high humidity level. If the humidity level of any barn is high, then it supports the growth of microorganisms and molds. As the moisture content and temperature of the barn rises, the growth of these organisms increases rapidly. If the moisture is not controlled, then there can be a huge loss. Microorganisms and molds can destroy your crops. The solution to this problem is the installation of large barn fans. Barn ceiling fans can reduce the humidity level of the area to a great extent. They can keep the area fresh and well ventilated. Due to the high airflow of the fans, the fresh air comes in the barn and replaces the moist air.

Barn ceiling fans are highly beneficial. They can reduce the humidity at a very low cost. They reduce the growth of fungus and other microorganisms. You can maintain a favorable condition in the barn to keep your grains safe.

Decrease the Temperature

Temperature is also an important factor for the growth of microorganisms, insects, and fungus. If the temperature is high, then it will be favorable for the growth of these organisms. They will grow rapidly and damage your grains. You must maintain a low temperature at which these microorganisms cannot grow. Large barn fans can help in reducing the temperature of the barn. They can also assist the air conditioning system and make the area cooler. They can make a cool environment by providing a high airflow. Due to the decrease in temperature, the grains and crops remain fresh. They can make an excellent environment for grains in all seasons.

RTFANS Large Barn Fans

After seeing the problem of the agricultural barns, RTFANS has introduced large ceiling fans for barns. These barn fans are very large and have a diameter in the range of 12ft-24ft (3.7m-7.3m). You can choose the size of the fan according to the barn. A single 24ft fan can cover a large area up to 1500 square meters. You can install these fans according to the area of your barn. Our barn ceiling fan can reduce the humidity up to 15%. It can also help to provide a chilling effect in the area by reducing the temperature around 5-7˚C. The ceiling fan has a very high airflow that keeps the air fresh. It helps to keep your barns a safe place for the grains.

Our teams are always ready to assist you. You can contact us, and we will guide you about the size of the ceiling fan according to your area. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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