Best Rated Evaporative Air Cooler RTF-25BL

Evaporative air coolers are getting common nowadays because they are cost-effective and efficient. The best rated cooler from RTFANS can help to reduce the air temperature. They are ideal for the cooling and ventilation of large areas. Many commercial and industrial places like warehouses, factories, workshops, auto repair shops, shopping malls, and other large facilities have these air coolers. They can provide a comfortable environment where people can work and stay with ease. There is no discomfort in the area as the temperature is in the comfortable range. They can also work in extremely hot and dry seasons.

Due to the benefits, people try to find the best rated evaporative air cooler.


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RTFANS has been providing ventilation and cooling solution for nearly two decades. We produce the best rated cooler that will exceed your expectations. They are suitable for large spaces. Let’s see what benefits you will get from our best rated evaporative air cooler.

Energy Saving

RTFANS air coolers are energy-saving. They save a lot of energy and reduce the monthly electricity bill. The running cost of these air coolers is almost 1/8th of the traditional air conditioning systems. Therefore, companies and other large facilities prefer to install our best-rated evaporative air cooler. These are excellent for large spaces. They can deal with high temperatures and low humidity. They offer excellent efficiency and minimize energy loss. You can also make your large area cooler by installing them. Their low cost of operation is what everyone needs.

High-Quality Parts

We use high-quality and durable parts, which is the reason that our evaporative air cooler is best rated. It has a high-quality motor, which is sturdy and durable. The motor rotates our patented blade, which has a unique design for optimum performance. The blade offers high airflow at low noise. Our cooling pads are specially designed to offer high-efficiency cooling. They are anti-bacterial and environmental-friendly cooling pads. The outer body of the air cooler is also made from high-quality plastic for a longer life span.


There is no doubt that the evaporative air cooler reduces the temperature of the area and makes the environment comfortable. In addition to that, these air coolers ventilate the area by providing fresh air. Therefore, they also improved air quality. The air cooler takes air from the external environment and provides fresh air in the facility where it is installed. It also extracts the dust and other particles that are in the air. Consequently, you get fresh and cool air from it.

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RTFANS proudly provides the best-rated evaporative air cooler in the market. We have many models that offer different airflows. The airflow of the air coolers ranges from 20,000-45,000 cubic meters per hour. It can reduce the temperature of the area up to 10-15˚C. One air cooler can cover a large area of up to 300 square meters. These are ideal for large and crowded places where ventilation and cooling are necessary. For places with high temperatures and low humidity, these air coolers are perfect.

Our teams can assist you in selecting the right size of coolers for your facility. We are ready to help you anytime. For more information, feel free to contact us or check the FAQ.





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