Big Ceiling Fans for Cattle Horse Barns


Ceiling fans for horse barns and cattle farms are the solution to all problems that are caused by improper ventilation. They are quite big and can easily ventilate a large area like a barn. They help to replace the air of the barn with fresh air, which is better for the health of the cattle. HVLS cattle fans are the best option to improve the air quality in a cost-effective way. Their high airflow can reduce humidity, allergens, and smell from the area.



Improved Productivity

It is essential to keep cattle/horse barns properly ventilated and fresh because it improves the health of the animals. It is the priority of every cattle barn owner to maintain airflow inside the barn. This increases productivity. When you care for your cattle, then you get healthy and more products from the animals. The barns that have cows for producing milk increase the production of milk when there is proper ventilation in the area. If there are horses in your barn, then they will remain healthy.

Reduced Humidity

The health of cattle/horses is also essential. Cattle fans can be beneficial in reducing the adverse effects on the health of the animals. Usually, there is more humidity if there is no proper ventilation. High humidity can create health problems in horses or cattle. It can be a considerable loss in the case of animal diseases. But when you use special ceiling fans for horse or cattle barns, then they significantly reduce the humidity of the area. The allergens in the air are reduced, which keeps your animals away from diseases. Due to less humidity, there are fewer chances of mold growth. Mold growth is bad for animals and as well as the facility. Cattle fans play an important part in solving this problem by providing high airflow. The high airflow can keep the area less damp.

Fresh Air

There is no doubt that cattle/horse barns are smelly. The smell is due to animal waste and lack of ventilation. If the smelly air is not replaced by fresh air, then it can cause respiratory problems in animals. Gases are produced due to the decomposition of animal waste. They make the air harmful for breathing. Further, it is hard for workers to work in a smelly area. Human health can also be affected by adverse air quality. There can be severe health hazards due to improper ventilation.

RTFANS Cattle/Horse Barn Ceiling Fans

RTFANS has come up with a special ceiling fan for cattle/horse barns. The fan is made specially to keep the barn ventilated up to a great extent. The size of the fan is about 24ft, which can easily cover a large area of up to 1500 square meters. Its high airflow will improve air quality and keep the workers, horses, and cattle healthy.

The fan has a very low noise level of 43dB, which is unnoticeable. Thus, it will not disturb the animals in any way. RTFANS horse/cattle ceiling fan is a perfect option to increase the productivity of your barn and maintain everything according to health and safety standards. You can solve all ventilation problems with this fan at a very low cost. The running cost of the fan is much lower than the air conditioning units and coolers. RTFANS horse/cattle barn ceiling fan is one solution to all ventilation problems.


Model: RTF-DF-6E
Fan Dia.: 6.1m / 20ft
Motor Power: 0.85 KW / 2.0 HP
RPM: 20~58
Air Flow: 12,000 m³/min
Current: 1.4A/380V & 2.4A/220V
Applicable Area: 1,380 SQM
Weight: 105 KG
Noise: 39 DB


Cardan Joint

The hanger is equipped with cardan joints, which can adjust the verticality by itself, and install steel wire ropes in 4 directions, which effectively reduces the vibration generated during the operation of the equipment.

Structure Design of the Frame

The hanger is equipped with cardan joints, which can adjust the verticality by itself, and install steel wire ropes in 4 directions, which effectively reduces the vibration generated during the operation of the equipment.


The high-quality and high-speed motor specially customized by the famous motor manufacturer NORD for the company is the first domestic.

Own Patented Fan Structure

When fixing the screw, the fan blade will match the pin very well. The torque can be distributed on the fan blade.

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