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Outdoor Portable Cooler is excellent for both indoors and outdoors. There are indoor and Outdoor Portable Coolers available in the market. Some are suitable for indoor or outdoor purposes, while some are suitable for both. You can even enjoy while sitting in your garden or outdoor area with these air coolers. Since these air coolers are portable, you can easily move them from one room to another. People buy indoor-outdoor portable evaporative air cooler for home and commercial places. They are excellent for improving air quality and providing comfort.


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RTFANS also provides a wide range of indoor-outdoor portable evaporative air coolers. We have both commercial and household portable evaporative air coolers for different areas. Let’s discuss some features of our portable air coolers.


The most important feature of our portable air coolers is their different functions. Both commercial and household air coolers have four functions in one unit. The unit can work as an air cooler, air purifier, fan, and humidifier. So, if you don’t want to cool, then you can use it as a fan. It will offer you air circulation. If the humidity level is low, you can start the humidifier to increase the humidity of the area. The air cooler can also purify the air and make it clean. It can improve the air quality by removing pathogens from the environment. The air of the area becomes healthy and free from airborne diseases. Thus, you can use our air coolers for different purposes. You don’t need to buy a separate humidifier, purifier, and fan.

Powerful Airflow

The air coolers have powerful airflow according to the area coverage. They can cool the area quickly by providing high airflow. There is no need to use fans to spread the cool air because the air cooler is enough, and it also has a fan mode. They can provide airflow in the range of 600-18,000 cubic meters per minute. The household portable air coolers are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, kid’s rooms, or small offices. The commercial portable air coolers are perfect for restaurants, homes, offices, garages, classrooms, backyards, outdoor activities, hotels, etc. The air cooler can cover an area in the range of 20-150 square meters.


Our air coolers are not too loud. The noise level of our indoor/outdoor portable evaporative air cooler ranges from 55dB to 76dB, depending on the size. Small air coolers are quieter than large ones. The normal conversational noise level is 60dB; you can compare the noise of the air cooler with this value.

Low Power Consumption

The air coolers are preferred because of their low power consumption. Our multipurpose air cooler can provide air ventilation and cooling solutions at a very low cost. Moreover, you can also move these portable air coolers to any room. They will also save the cost of the central cooling system.

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We can provide you portable air coolers. We have a wide range of air coolers that are perfect for commercial and household applications. Our team is always ready to assist you. We can help you select the right size of the air cooler. For more information, feel free to contact us.



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  1. Box Wong

    RTFANS Outdoor Portable Cooler whole style is very strong, cool wind blowing a while, mainly used in a larger space. The big water storage capacity, plus a commission for a week with a water problem. Summer afternoon’s largest open files, blowing up so cool.

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