Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler RTF-20 series


An industrial evaporative air cooler is an excellent way to cool a large area. Many factories, warehouses, and other large facilities use this cooling technology to provide comfort to the people in the area. Workers in industries feel more comfortable while working in a cooler environment. This also increases the productivity of the industry. The best way to provide comfort to people working in the area is the industrial evaporative air cooler.



RTFANS has been providing air ventilation and cooling products for years. We also have a wide range of industrial evaporative air coolers. Let’s see what benefits you will get from these air coolers.

Low Investment

The first and the most important thing that every industry and company thinks about is the upfront cost of the technology. Air conditioners are very expensive, and not every company can invest that much. In contrast industrial evaporative air coolers are less expensive. The investment they require is only 20% of the equivalent traditional air conditioning system. Therefore, you don’t need to invest a lot in cooling technology. You can install industrial evaporative air coolers in a wide area with ease.

Low-cost Cooling

The next important thing is the running cost of the cooling system. The running cost of a traditional air conditioning system is substantial; therefore, people avoid it. You get a high electricity bill every month. Evaporative air coolers have solved this problem as well. The running cost is approximately 10-12% of the air conditioning systems. It saves a lot of electrical energy. Consequently, you get reduced electricity bills. Thus, it is an affordable option. You can cover a large area of your industry or facility at a very low cost.

Increment in the Humidity

The unique feature of an industrial evaporative air cooler is that it helps in increasing humidity. It can also work like a humidifier, and you don’t need to use the humidifier anymore. So, it also saves the upfront and running costs of the humidifier. In such areas where the humidity is very low, these coolers are the best. They can even replace the whole air conditioning system.

Excellent Cooling

The cooler provides excellent cooling in a large area. It can reduce the temperature of the facility up to 15˚C. It can provide comfort to people in the area. The cooling system has an excellent chilling sensation and airflow. The fan in the cooler provides a high airflow that helps to cover a large area. It provides a cool breeze to reduce the temperature and makes the environment comfortable.

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RTFANS industrial evaporative air cooler is a cost-effective cooling solution. It is suitable for large areas such as industries, warehouses, factories, etc. There are many models available, so you can easily choose the right one according to your area. A single cooler can cover an area of up to 250 square meters, depending on the size.

Our representatives are always ready to help you out. We can help you select the right size of air cooler for your industry. For more information and details, feel free to contact us.


Model: RTF-20A
Voltage Frequency: 380V/50Hz
Max Airflow: 20,000m³/h
Working Current: 3.5A
Power Consumption: 1.1KW
Physical Size: 1120*1120*1030mm
AirOutlet: 670*670mm
Net Weight: 60KG
Water Tank: 25L
Water Consumption: 60L/Day
Applicable Area: 100~150m²
Water Consumption: 60L/Day


Bigger Airflow

Greater Wind Pressure

Lower Wind Resistance

Clean Automatically

International Appearance

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