Ultra Quiet Ceiling Fan for Schools

Colleges, classrooms, and schools also require good ventilation so that the students can study with comfort. The ceiling fan for the classroom should have a high airflow and low noise. It is necessary that the classrooms remain quiet. If the fan has a high noise level, then the students will not be able to concentrate on their studies.


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Thus, it is a must to install a quiet ceiling fan for schools. Moreover, some classrooms of colleges and schools are very large; therefore, they require large ceiling fans for excellent airflow. HVLS fans are excellent for classrooms; they have many benefits. Some of them are,

Low Noise

Indeed, it is necessary that the ceiling fan should have low noise. Large ceiling fans have a very large diameter, but they run at a very low speed. HVLS fans are very quiet. They provide high volume at low speed; therefore, they produce very low noise. They can also be installed in a library, as their low noise will not disturb anyone. The noise level of a silent library is around 40dB; thus, the ceiling fan should also have a noise level near to it.

High Airflow

Low airflow in a thickly populated area can be highly uncomfortable. In the case of a classroom, it can cause extreme discomfort for the students. Due to low airflow, the area can be smelly. Moreover, the pathogens in the area can spread different diseases. HVLS ceiling fans have a very high airflow that can cover a very large area. A single fan is enough for a large classroom that is around 1,500 square meters, It doesn’t cost much. High airflow keeps the students fresh and energetic. There is no need to use air conditioning systems if you have installed HVLS fans. But if there is already an air conditioning system, then these fans can help to move cool air in the whole classroom. You can also use these fans in the normal season without turning on the air conditioning units.

Excellent Air Quality

There are many students in a large classroom. You cannot maintain a good air quality using small ceiling fans. HVLS ceiling fan for classrooms reduces the humidity level in the area. They are also excellent in reducing smell and pathogens to make the air fresh and healthy. They improve air quality and provide fresh air so that the students can be healthy. Moreover, they reduce the risk of diseases that can transfer through the air. Due to high airflow, the air in the area remains fresh.

RTFANS Quiet Ceiling Fan for Schools

RTFANS understands that it is necessary to pick quiet ceiling fans for schools and colleges. The fan should have very low noise. We have a wide range of quiet ceiling fans that have a diameter in the range of 12ft-24ft. These fans have a very low noise level that is in the range of 36-43dB, depending on the model and size. These are ultra-quiet fans that will not disturb the students in the classes. The airflow of these fans is perfect for a large area. A 24ft HVLS ceiling fan can have an airflow of up to 15,000 cubic meters per minute, which is suitable for an area of 1,500 square meters. These fans can keep the students comfortable in the classroom so that they can concentrate on their studies.

RTFANS is always ready to install an ultra-quiet ceiling fan for schools and classrooms. You can contact us to know the right size of the fan according to the area of the room. Our team will make sure to give you the best service at an affordable price. For more information, feel free to contact us.



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