Wall Mounted Evaporative Air Cooler RTF-30 Series

Wall mounted coolers are ideal for large spaces. They take the air from the outside and throw it inside after making it cooler and dustproof. In large facilities, hundreds of air coolers can be easily mounted on the walls without wasting the ground space. You can install them in factories, warehouses, workshops, shopping malls, internet café, and many commercial places. They can easily cover large areas and provide excellent cooling with humidification.


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RTFANS provides wall mounted coolers with pride. The evaporative air coolers will provide you many benefits. Let’s see some of them.

Cooling and Humidification

Our air coolers can spread the cool air breeze in the area quickly. They can drop the temperature of the area up to 15˚C. Therefore, you can use them in extremely hot temperatures as well. You can use one air cooler to cover a wide area of up to 300 square meters. They are outstanding for places where the temperature is high, and humidity is low. Due to their damp cool air, the humidity of the area is increased. Thus, they can also work as a humidifier. There is no need to use a humidifier if you are using an air cooler.

Energy Saving

The wall-mounted evaporative air cooler is also preferred due to its energy-saving feature. It provides cooling at a very low cost. The cooling cost is 1/8th of the traditional air conditioning systems. Thus, you don’t need to worry about substantial energy bills. These air coolers can reduce the cooling cost of any facility. Moreover, they are very efficient, so they also save energy.

Innovative Design

At RTFANS, we believe in innovation. We strive to bring new and better products for our customers. We have also made innovative designs in our wall-mounted evaporative air cooler. The cooler has a patented blade design that provides excellent airflow. Furthermore, our cooling pads are also very efficient. They have excellent water absorption. The evaporative efficiency of the pads is 80%. They also resist the growth of bacteria and algae.

We have made the air coolers last for years. The outer body is made of high-quality plastic, which does not undergo corrosion.

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You can install our wall-mounted evaporative air coolers in industries and commercial places where cooling and humidification are required. The air coolers can easily make the area comfortable for people. They are available in different models, having distinct features and area coverage. Even if you have a large space, these coolers can cool it at a very low cost. They require less investment and running costs.

The airflow of the cooler is in the range of 20,000-45,000 cubic meters per minute. There are different sizes of air coolers available according to different facilities. You can contact us to get an idea of the number of units and models that you need for your facility. Our team will help you in selecting the best air cooler. For more information, feel free to contact us.





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