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RTFANS - HVLS industrial ceiling fan has 6 long (NASA-spirit superhard alloy) blades that move big volumes of air whereas rotating at a snail speed. Applicable to all industrial areas and big space which is higher than 4 meters.


Industrial air cooler improves the standard of air and ensures a cushty operating surrounding that ends up in a considerable increase in productivity. Our vary of professional quality air coolers is factory-made in china.

HVLS Fans Manufacturer in CHINA.

With 18 years’ experience in the market, Kool Air International Co., Ltd, has become an industry leader in evaporative cooling technology and also a solution provider in large space ventilation and cooling. Our brand “RTFANS” gains much reputation from professionals especially in factory and warehouse ventilation and cooling direction.

How To Install Industrial Ceiling Fans?

Installation Procedure


Step 1: Base Fixed

Clip-on any steel H-beam, without changing any steel structure.


Step 2: Cardan Joint

Cardan joint allows the fan to make free oscillation and to find it's a level position no matter what the slope.


Step 3: Extension

Connect the ends of the extension rod with the Cardan joint and drive device by bolts.


Step 4: Mainframe

The drive device has been assembled to be one unit before delivery, fix it to the extension rod by using bolts.


Step 5: Fan Blade

Please ensure the angle between each steel wire and the drive device is 45°, make sure the drive device of fan at a vertical level position.


Step 6: Fan Shell

Take the bottom cover close to the blade wheel and tighten it by bolts.

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The Best HVLS Fans for Large Space

Hot-sale industrial/commercial ceiling fans with remote control

Industrial Ceiling Fans

RTFANS – HVLS industrial ceiling fan has 6 long (NASA-spirit superhard alloy) blades that move big volumes of air whereas rotating at a snail speed.

Huge Commercial Fans

Commercial and residential HVLS fan with BLDE motor: Perfect solution for smaller spaces, installed 3 meters above the ground.

PMSM Fans for Garage

Big HVLS ceiling fan with PMSM motor: Best HVLS fan for both industrial and commercial use, installed 4 meters above.

Fan & Air Cooler Combo

Fan and cooler combo: The best solution for factory and warehouse ventilation and cooling needs, energy-efficient and cost-saving.