How much do HVLS fans cost?” – The answer to the present question depends upon your needs. The cost of the fan depends on various factors. 

How much do HVLS fans cost?

In this post, you’ll find some general pricing guidelines and a few of the extra add-ons that you simply need to consider when determining the value of an outsized industrial ceiling fan.

The cost of an HVLS fan is far just like the cost of a replacement air conditioner. If you’re looking to get a mid-priced air conditioner, there’ll be several brands to settle on from; each brand with their models and every model with individual options. Whatever your purchasing goals are, staying within a particular price point, having a max air volume, or best power-saving, you’ll ultimately purchase the product that most closely fits your needs.

The value of an outsized ceiling fan is just like the cost of buying an air conditioner. There are several manufacturers of huge industrial ceiling fans, each with their models and with various add-ons counting on your needs. A bit like when purchasing an air conditioner, the ultimate cost of your large ceiling fan depends on your needs.

There are different types of RTFANS HVLS fans such as:

7 Factors That Could Affect the Price of HVLS Fan

The cost of an HVLS ceiling fan at MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) is generally between $2,000 – $6,000. Let’s look at 7 factors that could affect the price of HVLS Fan.

1. Fan Blade Size:

The dimensions of the fan determine the worth of an HVLS fan. The large the blade, the higher will be the cost. The price of fans increases with size from 8ft~24ft. Additionally, the worth can vary counting on the manufacturer, model, and features that are included with the acquisition.

2. Freight Cost:

The transportation of the HVLS fan is generally by sea, and the countries bordering China can also use land transportation. However, the packaging of the HVLS fan is very special. For example, if you buy a 24ft (7.3m) large industrial ceiling fan, the packaging size of the fuselage is 680x750x1000mm, but the weight is as high as 98kg(216 pounds), and the packaging size of the fan blade is 3750x430x350mm, it is very long and narrow. These factors limit the number of containers loaded during transportation because the maximum width of the container is only 2350mm. Generally, the transportation cost of each large industrial ceiling fan is about 200 US dollars, and the specific price also changes with the number of orders and busy routes.

3. Firmware Cost:

Typically, an entire industrial ceiling fan purchase includes a motor driver system, Variable-frequency Drive, fan blades, control panel, wiring, and wire rope. The cost of these things is included in the price of the fan.

4. Installation Location Cost:

The location of the large HVLS fan must be suitable so that you can easily provide the wire from the electricity box to the control box. If the position is far from the electricity box, then the cable to be used will cost more. The standard requirements are different in various countries, so the cost should be borne by the customer. Our standard cable length is 40 meters. The only way to save is to make the distance between the control box and the electricity box as close as possible. If the fan is far away, then you will have to include more cost.

5.Installation Height Cost:

Our recommended installation height is over 4.5 m. So, if the fan is at the recommended distance from the ground after installation, then it is perfect. There is no extra cost. But if the distance is too much, then you need to install an extension rod so that the fan can be placed at the recommended height. The extension rod increases the cost.

6. Installation Labor Cost:

The first thing to consider is the unloading when the customer receives the container. Due to the special packaging of the big industrial fan, manual handling is not the most suitable method. This requires a forklift, and a professional electrician is required for wiring during installation. High-altitude operations require the use of climbing cars or climbing scaffolds. The costs incurred due to different standards in different countries. This one-time cost is even higher than the price of a single industrial fan. This factor must be fully taken into account.

For example, the installation of large industrial fans in Hong Kong requires the provision of qualified electrician safety certificates and construction workers’ work injury insurance certificates, etc. So, the price of installation varies in different countries.

7. Warranty Cost:

All large industrial ceiling fan manufacturers provide quality assurance for their products. The duration of product insurance varies according to the manufacturer, and an annual warranty can be provided, generally 3-10 years.

Price Comparison with Other HVLS Fan Brands:

Same Quality RTFANS cost lower, Same price RTFANS provide Better.

Model/ Fan Dia.(M/FT) Bigass Fans Macroair Fans Blue Giant Hunter Fans Altra Air Jazz Fans RTFANS
7.3m/24ft $2999.00 $5213.00 $5040.00 $3500.00
6.1m/20ft $2799.00 $4930.00 $4990.00 $5588.00 $3200.00
5.5m/18ft $4829.00 $4940.00 $5486.00 $3200.00
4.9m/16ft $5820.00 $4677.00 $4890.00 $5365.00 $3150.00
4.3m/14ft $4520.00 $4459.00 $4840.00 $3000.00
3.7m/12ft $4045.00 $2850.00
hvls fans cost

*All Price data was retrieved from the official sites. Final date: 2018/10/21

There are different features and functions in HVLS fans. You can select anyone according to the area where you want to install them. You can contact us, and our team will assist you in selecting the best possible option. There are different sizes or diameters of fans, so it is better to consult and get a quote. Contact us today for assistance, we are ready to help you.

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