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How do you know about HVLS ceiling fans used for churches?

Perfect Solution Hey! How do you know about large commercial HVLS ceiling fans used for churches&warehouses? ——It is your perfect solution for big space Ventilation & Cooling. HVLS Fan(large commercial ceiling fans) can be installed in any big space which is higher than 4 meters. RTFANS started its

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What‘s the best ventilation solution

Best Ventilation Solution What‘s the best ventilation solution for a big machinery workshop? RTFANS HVLS fan. Full stop!!! 20″ HVLS fans – RTF-CF-6E was installed in the Luigong machinery factory recently. Liugong is continuously improving the working environment for employees. Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd, is one of

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HVLS Fans – Factory Cooled Down, Staff Cheers up.

Improve the Environment Summer heat can cause indoor conditions to become much hotter than desired; ventilation and cooling are crucially essential to reduce temperatures inside buildings. Indoor temperatures can improve the environment for plants and animals, plus significantly improve working conditions for employees. Research shows that the work

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Can RTFANS HVLS fans work together with AC?

Can RTFANS HVLS fans work together with AC? Surely YES. 7%-10% saving in electric power consumption by setting AC temperature 1 ℃ higher, 14%-20% saving in electric power consumption by setting AC temperature 2℃ higher,…………… Just calculate how much you can save! If you have a 10000m² area,

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Advantages of PMSM fan

PMSM Advantages of PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) Compare with the traditional HVLS fan with gear, the PMSM HVLS fan is much smarter and can be installed in smaller space, this makes it a more popular model in both industrial and commercial applications. Talking about PMSM itself, we

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Is HVLS fan safe?

Why RTFANS Large Industrial HVLS Fan is Safe? Many people come across this question, “Is HVLS fan safe?” People and new businessmen don’t know much about it and they get confused with the big size of Industrial HVLS fans. Most people think that an Industrial HVLS fan can

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Do HVLS FANS Cool Your space down?

Do HVLS fans cool your space down? Do HVLS fans cool your space down? NO!!! Fans actually add heat to a room. One way to think about it is like this: If you have a perfectly insulated room and you put an electric fan in it, then the

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RTFANS Exhibited at the 17th TIF in Thailand

Thailand Industrial Fair 2019 Thailand Industrial Fair (TIF), February 13~16 in Bangkok is the 17th international trade exhibition for modern industrial technology, machinery, equipment, industrial supplies, and services for Thailand’s and ASEAN’s manufacturing industry. It is also a dynamic platform that providing visitors the great opportunity to meet

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Advantages of Installing Big HVLS Fan

Comfortable The big HVLS Fan diameter up to 7.3 meters and the blade in streamline type allow users to enjoy a 1-3m/s 3D air supply to form a natural breeze system. Easy to use The new frequency conversion with a step-less speed control system is easy to use

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The 124th Canton with New PMSM Fan

Attended the 124th Canton Fair RTFANS attended the 124th Canton Fair with PMSM Fan and Evaporative Air Cooler as before in Booth No. 4.1 Y09-10. This Fair Phase one dated 15-19 Oct 2018 has held in Guangzhou, China. Started in 1957, Canton Fair has become the most significant exhibition considering the history,

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